The Chicago Edition with Cypha from The Flight Club

The Flight Club is quietly becoming the crew you need to get familiar with. Filled with incredible talent in Qwestions, Protege, Cypha and September 6th, the team is getting stronger with each release. Cypha is gearing up for a new release in April or May with Paper Planez, but his last mixtape/street album, Problem Child is the topic of discussion in this episode. Released last December, the project is the most personal to Cypha with songs that reveal his identity and his feelings about Hip Hop. We discuss his recording and writing process and how the Flight Club played a intricate part in the development of the album. Last year Cypha intended to release 12 mixtapes in 12 months, but he only got as far as 4 projects before stopping, I ask Cypha if he has to reign in his ambition to prevent from being burnt out and what did he learn from that experience. We cover a lot more, including going H.A.M. with September 6th, so hit play and learn more about Flight Club member Cypha, you won’t be disappointed.




~ by @WeekendGabe on March 18, 2011.

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