Killarmy – One Shot

Killarmy is one of few successful groups that spawned from the Wu-Tang Clan during the 1990’s. Their last album came in 2001 (ironically on September 11) but since then it’s been relatively silent from the group that had a arsenal of silent weapons. Back today to present the first single from their long delayed come back album (untitled), 9th Prince, Killa Sin, PR Terrorist, Islord, Shogun Assassin and Kinetic 9 are back with One Shot. Produced by 4th Disciple, the group picks up where they left off, more rhymes about fighting the endless war, but sometimes wars aren’t meant to end, hence a army is always needed. Welcome back fellas.





~ by @WeekendGabe on April 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “Killarmy – One Shot”

  1. got mega luv for killarmy but this shit is trash. Sounds like some of their ol material smh.

    • Wow, wouldn’t say trash, but agree that it does sound like their old material to a T. But first song back, let’s give it some time before we dismiss their return.

  2. Man they been off mega years. You gotta come harder than that these days bruh.

  3. This is better than any other shit I’m hearing from newer hiphop groups. People complaining that it sounds like their older shit? Their first album is one of the best hiphop albums ever made, fuck the Lil Wayne generation, this is real hip hop.

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