UnderGods (Canibus/Keith Murray) Audio Review on Vocalo.Org

Canibus and Keith Murray follow up their EP Undergods from last year with a full length LP. Two of the most under appreciated emcees in the game come together to destroy mics and crush them to dust. Is a album packed with fury of rhymes what people want to hear? Or ‘Bis and Murray ahead of the curve in bringing back real hardcore emceeing? Find out on this week’s “What’s in My  Headphones” segment presented by Vocalo.org. Del the Funky Homosapien’s show tonight at The Abbey Pub is going down and Brian, Molly and I are excited about it, you should be too. My critic for a minute is brief and non controversial unlike previous weeks (haha..). Enjoy!


LISTEN: UnderGods (Canibus/Keith Murray) Audio Review on Vocalo.Org


~ by @WeekendGabe on June 3, 2011.

25 Responses to “UnderGods (Canibus/Keith Murray) Audio Review on Vocalo.Org”

  1. This was possibly the worst review I have ever heard. You radio show sucks, true story.

  2. “rick ross is an elite emcee”

    he just went full retard, NEVER go full retard son.

  3. When you guys say that “Rick Ross is an elite MC” in my book, you lost all of your hip hop credibility. You can’t possibly say Canibus came out with “horrible music” and then claim that Rick Ross…..

    Rick Ross? Don’t ever speak about hip hop ever again. You guys did get one thing right though, Rick Ross is a “rapper”, not an MC! You guys are probably too ignorant to even understand the difference!

    If you guys actually did your homework, if you listen to Poet Laureate 2 (that’s a Canibus song on his 5th Album Rip the Jacker, by the way) you would know that that song alone would end every “rapper’s” career!

    Fuck outta here! Rick Ross? SMH!

  4. Bullshit Review!

  5. In addition to what was previously said I would also like to address some of the things said in this segment. I doubt you will reply but I would like to state a few things.

    Let me give you some advice; if you are reviewing music at this level please ensure that the people doing the reviews are familiar with the artist’s music that is being reviewed. Despite Gabe Mendoza giving the album a positive review in general, it seemed he was unfamiliar with Canibus’ discography. In Canibus’ career, he released 10 solo albums with an additional two already on the way. Below are link to one on the songs that has been released for Canibus’ upcoming album (Lyrical Law), his new website and an interview about social discussing media that portray him in a negative light such as this:


    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SnYsSNJegE&feature=related

    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqq2_J7Q7cw&feature=related

    Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVFBpJmEdbc&feature=related

    In the segment, it was asserted that LL Cool J was the victor in the battle between him and Canibus. Fair enough that is an opinion, I’m sure there is reasoning behind why in which some people think that was the case but there was something shady about the way in which Square one in said “I was cool with it” when discussing Canibus’ so called fading away.

    I personally am not a big fan of Rick Ross but that being said I have seen has his career has progressed there has been an improvement but for you to call him and elite emcee is an insult to those who are.

    On a lighter note I would like to ask you what is wrong with 18 tracks?

  6. I can now honestly say that you (generally) are the why hip hop sucks today! All the magazines, websites, blogs and radio stations continue to diss real hip hop and praise garbage that does nothing but keep hip hop mired in mediocrity. I’m not saying that The Undergods album was the greatest of all time, but when you basically say isn’t that good aside from the production, and then say Rick Ross and Wale are elite MCs…..my suspect antenna goes up!

    To say Canibus music has been horrible, just goes to prove that you guys have not been listening. Poet Laureate, Poet Laureate 2 and Poet Laurate Infinity is more material than most “rapper’s” entire careers, and those are just songs…..by CANIBUS! 3 SONGS….OVER 1500 BARS! Let’s not even discuss the 10+ albums this dude has put out.

    You guys need to grow a pair and stop liking dudes just because they “had a hit” and they make money! Dig a little deeper than that. All Rick Ross, is a gimmick and nothing more! Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Wale are all part of the same widget from the same robot factory. No talent, just gimmicks! It seems like anybody with any real talent is pushed aside and as you said about Canibus, “never really heard from again”.

    Next time, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  7. Canibus lost to LL? female is out her mind.

    Canibus has been one of the most productive MCs in the last year or so. Will be releasing 5 albums this year alone.

    Yall Miss Mic Club, When the beat tolls, Rip the Jacker, C of tranquility, Melantonin Magik? Crazy.

  8. i am man enough to admit that i lost the battle and not only that i am an inferior lyricist to the Canibus man. but then again everyone else is too. watch out for the beast from the east.

  9. Rick ross an elite emcee? For real? I’m a fucking FAN and I would lyrically annihilate that fat POS. You guys gotta be kidding me. Email me back, respond to me, debate with me over how ridiculous your viewpoints are. I’m simply DISGUSTED with what hip hop and hip hops’ fans/viewpoints have become.

    BTW this isn’t necessarily the best album of all time or anything like that, but I’d give this a spin over any of that bullshit I hear on the radio, and the shit you guys give praise to.

  10. You guys are so fuckin IGNORANT, and know NOTHING about hip hop…

    CANIBUS is the GOAT and fuck the haters

  11. This is a very good review LOL

  12. Wow you just delete every comment that criticizes your review, you’re lame as fuck

  13. Worst review I ever heard. And if you delete this you cant take criticism dumb fuck

  14. Poor review…

    You say you’re “covering what ‘They’re’ ignoring” but by the sounds of it you’re ignoring it too.

  15. Damn Keith and Cani are crazy motherfuckers this album is off the hook, by this album you can clearly tell they leave lil rick playin in the sand pit.
    If you wanna dope album buy this album dont listen to the reviewer he does not know shit about hip hop, go suck a dick and listen to Cool J.

  16. 10/10 best album out period.

  17. ^^^ Buy this album its dope.
    this leaves Cool J and Ricky ross playin in the sandpit

  18. LL Cool J is the G.L.O.A.T. so is the reviewer apparently.

  19. you review was poor and the hosts have narrow uneducated opinions of the true art that is hip hop.

  20. Q How long does it take for 3 radio hosts to change a light bulb.
    A about 100 years till their cerebral coretex evolves and grows in power.

  21. Someone should review this radio show. lol How can you say you love hip hop and shit on a legend that reps hip hop wholeheartedly ? Talking about hits ?! Are you serious ? Do hits determine an emcees skill ? I guess soulja boy could ether Rakim & Big Daddy Kane today. Battling is for the sport; no one wins or loses. Your opinion on Canibus losing is subjective. Where’s Cool J now ? Is he still spitting ? Sellin hits ? Does that make him anyless of an emcee ?

    Rick Ross advanced ?! Elite ?! Yall on that nose candy.

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