10,000 and counting….

I started this blog a year ago to supplement my radio show I was doing on WCRX while I was studying at Columbia College. I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing, I just figured I wanted people to take notice of some of the interviews I was conducting on air and maybe post a few memorable videos or songs from the past. But as with most things in life, things change. Organically this site has gone from a few videos to audio reviews, interviews and numerous podcasts and earning your respect. Unlike most blogs that carry staff and contributors, it is just I that fills these pages up every day with content of things “they’re ignoring.” Let me get to the meaning of that since it was challenged recently by a Canibus fan. I initially wanted to be a Chicago blog focused on Chicago hip hop music and my radio show interviews, but a few sites are already doing that, and doing it quite well actually, you know who they are. And as much as I love the Chicago hip hop scene, I’m a bigger fan of hip hop music and firmly believe there is talent in this country and world that should have their music heard or seen. I wanted to be the conduit from the emails of music I receive daily to the postings you see everyday here on mybsideblog. I hope I’ve been able to deliver music you otherwise wouldn’t hear on radio or other local blogs because it doesn’t fit in to their format. I listen to as much music as I can and try to be as honest with my commentary. Throw in a few podcasts The Chicago Edition, focused on Chicago talent (and sometimes neighboring Indiana) and IllSide Radio, focused on all things hip hop and pop culture, I think this site you’re currently visiting is doing pretty great! Fast forward a year, and 10,000 views/hits later, I’m more enthused than ever. I know that isn’t a big number, as some folks do 10K in a day, but everybody has to start some where and we’re only getting better. I just wanted to thank you for your support as I will continuously try to improve the content and make it everything “they’re not.” I hope you tell a friend. Thanks again!


Here is a song that I find appropriate for this occassion…



~ by @WeekendGabe on June 20, 2011.

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