Black Rob Game Tested, Streets Approved Album Cover & Tracklisting

BlackRob is a guy you have to root for, he played a huge part of carrying Bad Boy with Mase and Puffy after B.I.’s death, dropped a classic song (whoa), put out a dope solo album, and a sophmore record. But by time the second record dropped, Bad Boy wasn’t Bad Boy and his buzz wasn’t much of a buzz at all. After some time off, Black regroups and hops on one of the best indie labels out right now in Duck Down Records and things are looking really good for Rob. His new record Game Tested, Streets Approved is set to drop on July 26 and we have the art and tracklisting for you. You can preorder the record here.
1) Welcome Back
2) Boiling Water
3) Bumpin
4) Can’t Make It In NY
5) Showin Up
6) Celebration
7) Wanna Get Dough
8 ) Get Involved
9) Sand to the Beach
10) Made Me a Man
11) F*ck Em
12) This Is What It Is
13) Up North – This Is What It Is
14) No Fear featuring Sean Price
15) Sh*t (iTunes Bonus)
16) Stand Off (iTunes Bonus)
17) Nothin (iTunes Bonus)

~ by @WeekendGabe on July 2, 2011.

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