Walter J. Liveharder on BSide Radio & The Chicago Edition Podcast

Chicago is filled with so much talent, that it’s easy over look and miss quality because you’re trying to keep up with the quantity of mixtapes that flood our inboxes and ipods daily. But one artist you need to get up on is Walter J. Liveharder. Walter earlier this year dropped a true representation of a mixtape in GO:Confidential where there were no 4 minute songs and talking through interludes. Walt just went hard, as he does everyday as a blue collar worker at the ….(listen to the interview for that answer).. here in Chicago and grinding harder with every verse and song. Walt is a throwback to the golden era of the 90’s that we yearn to have back, but he’s not out to recapture those fond memories, he’s just doing hip hop as he knows it and as how those he grew up listening to did it. Walter is definitely going for his in 2011 with some new work with Pac Div, Dave from De La Soul and more. Catch his story below. The Chicago Edition and BSide Radio are proud to present Charlie Hustle aka Walter J. Liveharder.




*Want to listen to the interview on the go? Maybe on your ipod? The Chicago Edition is on itunes, subscribe here!



~ by @WeekendGabe on July 14, 2011.

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