What Records Did Rappers Drop On Their 30th B-Days On IllSide Radio

By Odeisel (Co-Host of IllSide Radio & Founder of Planetill.Com)

The Planet, along with Chicago’s own Square One of B-Side Radio, have joined forces to bring you the week in review in Hip-Hop and current events, along with the occasional special guest and some music to keep you moving through your day.

Odeisel checks in after taking in the Rock The Bells show, reporting with half a voice and a bunch of love for the show. We talk about Rae & Ghost and Mobb Deep  and the show in general.

We review the whole Ray J and Fabolous situation and the aftermath of a fight following the Floyd Mayweather flop, er fight. Why do people think it’s such a big deal and why did it get so big? Why would Ray J’s brother come out against him in public? Each side has taken to the innernets and the airwaves, even garnering a mediator in DJ Clue. Ironically there was more action between these two guys than in the real bout.

We look at the Floyd Mayweather/Ortiz fight and how it ended. Apparently Ortiz has a song out as well. You can’t make this stuff up. People taking rapping for a joke. Word to KRS-1. We recall Roy jones, Jr’s ridiculous foray into the rap ring and Square one forgets that Roy…couldn’t rap.

Square One is turning 30 and we take a look at rappers and the albums they dropped as they turned the corner on 30. Is that they point where they reach their peak and begin their decline? Which rappers have gone higher as they passed that point?  We run it all down for you on this episode of IllSide Radio.

So Sit back, Relax, and take a ride on the Ill Side.

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~ by @WeekendGabe on September 24, 2011.

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