IllSide Radio: Goodbye To Jobs, Farewell To Sylvia And Is A Willow-Minaj Collaboration Right?

By Odeisel (Co-Host of IllSide Radio & Founder of Planetill.Com)

The Planet, along with Chicago’s own Square One of B-Side Radio, have   joined forces to bring you the week in review in Hip-Hop and current   events, along with the occasional special guest and some music to keep   you moving through your day.

This week on IllSide Radio, we bid a fond farewell to Hip-Hop legend Sylvia Robinson. We lok back at her legacy and ask the question why do people have so much shade to throw at the Sugarhill legacy from her point of view. Would she have gotten more respect if she were a man? Were rumors of her unfairness to artists any different from allegations thrown at guys like Diddy? We discuss her legacy as both a performer and an executive and We also look back at the life of Steve Jobs and what his life meant. What are the ramifications of his death on the company he heralded? We address the changes he made to music and to the technology world. We send Jobs off with style

We talk about Phonte’s album and where it stands in albums of 2011. We look at the songs with former partner 9th Wonder as well. Is his closing song the best Hip-Hop song in years? From there we check the new Nicki Minaj /Willow Smith collaboration and ponder what it possibly accomplishes. Should a child be on a song with someone whose music is sexed up? What are the social ramifications of that?

So sit back, relax and take a ride on the Ill Side.

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~ by @WeekendGabe on October 9, 2011.

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