Review of Murs’s Love & Rockets Volume 1

Let it be known that I’m a huge fan of Murs since he and 9th Wonder dropped Murs 3:16 some years ago. If it wasn’t for 9th I probably wouldn’t even have given dude a chance, and that’s the power of a producer. I firmly believe we have more respect for the producer than the emcee these days, and if a producer who will stand behind (or in front) of an artist, we, or shall I say “I” will take take notice. I’m once again taking notice of Murs who hooked up with SkiBeatz for their collaborative effort, Love & Rockets, Volume 1 that dropped this week. Ski who has been on some of a comeback the past several years is now hitting a stride, and Murs is now part of the ride. Can Ski’s live instrumentation take Murs to the next level? Let’s find out in this week’s What’s In My Headphones.


LISTENReview of Murs’s Love & Rockets Volume 1


~ by @WeekendGabe on October 14, 2011.

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