The Chicago Edition Podcast with Chicago Reader’s Mick Dumke

I’ve been following both Mick Dumke and his partner in crime Ben Joravsky in the Chicago Reader for years as they have tackled the big political stories in the City and try to reach the truth of what IS REALLY going on in Chicago. Mick joins me on this episode of The Chicago Edition Podcast to discuss what differences there are so far between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the former Mayor, Richard Daley. Mayor Emanuel’s budget went up for vote on Wednesday, and cleared the City Counsel with a 50-0 vote. Mick and I discuss what is in the budget, and what he does and doesn’t like about it. We also discuss his latest crusade to find out where the increase in water taxes are going to, to fix century old water pipes? Or to help pay for other city debt? Mick elaborates about the City’s latest slush fund. And finally the Occupy Movement has become a unwelcome visitor in many cities across the country, I ask Mick what he has heard in City Hall about the Occupy Chicago movement and what is in their future. All this and more on The Chicago Edition Podcast.

-Gabriel Mendoza


~ by @WeekendGabe on November 18, 2011.

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