Curren$y’s Jet Life: Jet World Order Album Review

Hip Hop is kind of a funny genre in so that if you know somebody that’s a star, there’s a chance you can get put on, even if you’re not deserving of it. We seen this story plenty of times where a super star rapper blows up, and comes back to put his team on who has been rocking with him since day 1. Admirable, and honestly I can say it’s a respectable gesture. But let’s be real, not everybody should be rocking mics, often times in Hip Hop, too many people are trying to be on the stage, when they should remain in the crowd. Curren$y is on a monster run right now, Since Pilot Talk I and II, and numerous dope mixtapes and his first commercial album, Weekend At Bernies, Curren$y has had a helluva 2011. So what better way to close out the year than to put his Jet Life crew to work on their first group album, Jet World Order. Featuring Trademark The Skydiva, Young Roddy, Smoka Dza, Fiend and new signee, Sir Michael Rocks. The Jet Life is ready to take flight. Check out to see if this team is legit in my review below.

LISTENCurren$y’s Jet Life: Jet World Order Album Review



~ by @WeekendGabe on December 5, 2011.

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