Jamal Science’s Something Wonderful EP Review

“Mom’s looked down and said that I was something wonderful..” – Jamal Science

It’s amazing how fast this year has passed by, and how foolish I was to pass by Jamal Science’s latest EP, Something Wonderful. Not that I passed on it literally, but I was … then you see.. you could understand.. never mind. I’ve been sitting on his project for a week, playing, rewinding, listening and listening then digesting the visual portrait Jamal paints of himself, his surroundings and growing up in these Chi-City streets.

There are interesting details on “The Becoming/Rose,” Jamal’s juxtaposition between his childhood and the falling star of a Class President. Both stories are raw and Jamal and Panik’s production accompany the vivid stories with a soulful aura. “The Power of..” is a testament of the wickedness the American dollar and alcohol can have on the weak and hungry. DJ Tune is featured on and produces “Recognize,” a dope chopped up hook and Jamal splashing the joint with dope line after  line, it is time for us to recognize who Jamal Science is if we haven’t already.

There is something Wonderful about this project, it feels like the album is looking back to look forward and to learn from life’s lesson. Jamal in many instances mentions the everyday struggle of children living in rough surroundings like as he does on “Children of The Ghetto,” that also features Scheme. Once you’re able to escape the stories of the suffering, the blue skies of the EP appear in “Dreams,” where our hero is hoping his passion is leading him in the right direction and waiting for the moment to cash in all his hard work.

This year Jamal has been dropping singles that featured him rhyming over industry beats. I was really feeling the few items he had out there, and I’m feeling this EP as well. The  project does coast through while carrying a consistent vibe of a soul/jazz fusion. Something Wonderful has a classic Chicago influence that also reflects many of the harsh stories and realities of being a youth in the City of Wind. I look forward to a full album sooner than later, and I’ll be sure not to skip past something so wonderful.


DOWNLOADJamal Science’s Something Wonderful EP Review


~ by @WeekendGabe on December 12, 2011.

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