Ja Rule – Pain Is Love 2 Album Review

Ja Rule was “that” dude at one point in his career and could do no wrong, whether on a feature, hook, or knocking down a smash commercial single. He had it all, but the last several years haven’t been too kind to Ja Rule as his status in rap has decline and his personal life crumbled due to legal issues. Back with his first album since 2004, Ja Rule releases the sequel to Pain Is Love and shares his darkest moments  and vengeance to return back to the top. Does he pull it off? Check out my review below.


LISTENJa Rule – Pain Is Love 2 Album Review


~ by @WeekendGabe on February 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ja Rule – Pain Is Love 2 Album Review”

  1. Motherfucker u suck dick! Cant anybody see what hip hop is now???? Bling, Bitches and any motherfucker gets famous wit a good beat, people are so fucking commercialized that they dont even know if they like it, they suck dick and go with the flow

  2. well its obvious that you’re under the age of thirty, No disrespect but you don’t know the history of rap, only what it’s become today, a joke. This is one of the truest crossover albums I’ve heard. Being 43 years old and a thirty plus year fan of hip hop I think I qualify in saying you don’t know anything about quality music. This is R & B, Rock, Rap at its best. It will if given a chance will be a cross over success. I guess like me anyone who has access to the internet can be a music critic. Stick to Boy bands and you’ll never hear from true hip hop fans like me again,

  3. I said I liked the album, but it lacks energy and charisma that Ja Rule is famously known for which could of pushed the album a lot further. But appreciate your comment none the less.

  4. I ain got much to say buh aint no song of all songs ja dd cn compete wit FOR THE DAY. haha lend me yo should buh i promise wont cry on it. Super murder mpire. Peace qwap boyz

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