[News] Skyzoo – A Dream Deferred Album Cover & Track Listing

The Albert Pujols of Hip Hop ( I say that because dude has never, EVER fallen off since the moment I heard him rhyme, ever!), Skyzoo has a new album coming out on October 2. Here’s the knowledge you need below to keep your head from exploding until the Fall arrives.

Track Listing: 
1) Dreams In A Basement featuring Jill Scott (produced  by !llmind)
2) Jansport Strings (One Time for Chi-Ali) (produced by 9th Wonder)
3) Pockets Full feat. Freeway (produced by !llmind)
4) Give It Up feat. DJ Prince (produced by !llmind)
5) Glass Ceilings (produced by !llmind)
6) Range Rover Rhythm (produced by Jahlil Beats)
7) The Knowing feat. Jessy Wilson (produced by Eric G)
8) Drew & Derwin feat. Raheem Devaughn (produced by Focus)
9) Realization feat. Jared Evan (produced by DJ Khalil)
10) The Rage of Roemello (produced by DJ Khalil)
11) How to Make it Through Hysteria (produced by Best Kept Secret)
12) Steel’s Apartment (produced by Black Milk)
13) Spike Lee Was My Hero feat. Talib Kweli (produced by Tall Black Guy)
14) The Cost of Sleep (produced by Tall Black Guy)

~ by @WeekendGabe on August 20, 2012.

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